What We Stand For

The need for a clear and uncompromising testimony to the Divine inspiration, inerrancy and authority of the Holy Scriptures was never greater than at the present time, and the vital importance of preserving the purity of the Word and promoting the production and distribution of trustworthy translations needs to be kept constantly in mind.

GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY came into being 1968, and operates as a independent charitable organization incorporated in 1977 under Canadian Law. This brief introduction is issued in the hope that many more who desire to "contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints" will become members of GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY and support it by their prayers and by their gifts.

GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY desires to ensure that believers may have a reliable Bible. GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY contends that funds contributed by believers for the publication and circulation of the Scriptures should be used only for the circulation of trustworthy and reliable translations. Many of the world's Bible Societies do not have an evangelical basis, and do not acknowledge the full inspiration, preservation, reliability and authority of the Bible. The result is that in many translations the Word of God is now materially altered. The modern versions weaken the testimony of the Holy Scriptures to the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ in many important passages, and they fall short of the excellence of the Authorized Version in many other respects. The basis of our Society affirms that the Holy Scriptures are given by inspiration of God and are to be received as the "sole, supreme, and infallible rule of faith and practice". These are vital issues and matters of important principle which make it impossible to integrate the work of the GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY   with the "United Bible Societies" or with any liberal ecumenical movement.

Christian workers in many countries look to GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY for regular supplies of Scriptures which are now available in many foreign languages, and there are constantly increasing opportunities for the worldwide distribution of the Word. Complete Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, Scripture Booklets, Leaflets, Text Cards, etc are made available by the GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY and contain the Word of God alone without doctrinal notes or comments. The policy of the GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY is not to use pictures of Bible characters, or the sign of the cross. Many of the Scriptures distributed are supplied free of charge or at subsidized prices in case of need. Under God's blessing the treasury is kept well supplied by direct gifts of the Lord's people, and no worldly means are used to raise funds.

If you are not a member of the  GRACEWAY BIBLE SOCIETY and wish to find out more information please fill in our online form and receive a package which will include a membership form. Membership is only $10.00 a year.

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